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Should I make an open starter? Should I write to people? 

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xProbably not. I mean if they wanted to rp they would let me know earlier. Not everyone is anxious little shit such as myself. xI'm Martha Jones of this place. I'm just like.. around. Not important. Not really. And knowing I can never be more than that. xSorry for ranting in the tags again. Can't help it. The safest way to be honest without people noticing it and calling me whiny. xYou can't be whiny when there is no one to hear a whining-like thing. Right? Even tho I will always be whiny. That's what I am. Loooser. xooc
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Charlie, feeling a pressure, looked up from her map, ready to say something but before she could, she stumbled on the side of the road, followed by a stranger closely, the carriage passed them shortly after that, with its driver gesturing to them and yelling something not really nice till he shook his head with an angry expression and just continued his way down the park.

Charlie bent over to pick up her map that she had dropped in a moment of inattention, ran her gaze around, menacingly frowning at each person that stood there, staring at her as if they were waiting how this awesome show might continue. She shook her head, annoyed slightly, when half of them still didn’t seem to plan to leave, she rolled her eyes and finally turned to the other lass, tilting her head slightly, studying her just for a moment till she realised it might not be really comfortable for her.

"What are you sorry for, huh? Helped me, didn’t you?" she gave her a lopsided grin, noticing the glances around that surely could have something to do with girl’s seemingly poor clothes and whole attitude, “Thanks."

Finally managing to catch her breath, Elodine quickly shot Charlie a small smile. Straightening herself out, she pushed her tangled mess of hair out of her face and put it behind her ear. Now able to ignore the staring public, she felt in better spirits, and she also felt herself blush at the stranger’s words. “It was no problem, honestly; I hate seeing anyone get hurt, if I can prevent it.” Observing Charlie slightly as her eyes scanned her, she noted that she was very pretty, and also seemed like a native to Dublin.

((Terribly sorry that this is so short ))

Charlie found her smile growing involuntarily as an idea got into her head how she might shock these people a little and after she stuffed her map to her bag, she reached her arm to her savior, wanting to shake hands as she introduced herself: “The name’s Charlie Burke, Miss,” then, pausing for a moment, she thought, “Would you fancy a cup of tea? Or coffee maybe? I can’t let anyone who saved me like this just run off,” she smirked, realising that this was one of these uncommon moments when her mother might be even proud of her for her mannors.

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"Ya’ don’t have to be so sour, Lass." Rosie replied coolly, as she was unceremoniously shoved against. The Hobbit lass had been making her way back home from the Market, with a basket filled with food on one arm, and a purple cloak fastened around her neck; it was a rather chilly morning, and the hood was up over her curls to protect her ears from the biting chill.

Rosie did her best to be kind of gentle, but when addressed in such a manner, she was obliged to return the tone.

Charlie who managed to sneak around the other hobbit already stopped on her way, turning around and raised her eyebrow, then pouted slightly. “Am not being sour, Miss, ‘am giving you an advice how to treat people who are not in a mood for your inattention,” she retorted, her cheeks reddening with her cantankerous side filling her mind again.

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xYesh xIt is completely okay.. I love it and I'm sorry for Charlie she's dumb. xmissrosiecotton xNot a nice meeting at all.

Charlie shut the door of her room, her breath quick and heavy from anger. Another fight with her mother was certainly not anything to her liking but, as always, she let it go too far and before she realised what was going on, she was shouting at her. She was kind of stressed lately, father went to Bree for something but didn’t let her go with him even though he must have known how bad will the atmosphere in the house be. 

A halfling ran her hand over her forehead before she caught her cloak and not bothering herself with doing anything else, she swung on the window and crouched she set off through the garden towards the road. As she jumped over the fence she almost make somebody fall as she bumped into them but seeing they were still standing, she just growled: “Watch your way,” not wanting to deal with this anymore.

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xBored. Yes. xAnyone can answer. I will love you forever. xYou can slap her if you wanna. xOpen RP xNot a nice meeting at all.

Supernatural 04x18 - The monster at the end of this book

Literally, where did the fourth wall in this tv show go?

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